Know more about CMA

The latest tributary added in emerging Dreamz Group is the Confidence Multiplier Academy. The Academy that has created buzz in the entire city and its popularity is increasing exponentially. The individuals trained or motivated in this academy have reached new dimensions in their life. Confidence Multiplier Academy has given Lucknow its first indigenously developed and sophisticated booster Academy. Within few months of its launch, the academy has created history by signing up a mass of young students, business man, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, self employed, housewives and writers.

Know its Founder

Mr. Sameer Shaikh, the Chief Managing Director of Dreamz Group and a successful entrepreneur in his career, is the Motivational Speaker in Lucknow for almost a decade and the founder of the Confidence Multiplier Academy. Elegant, sophisticated, successful and fascinating personality, Mr. Sameer Shaikh is capable of programming mind to perform well, develop amazing thoughts and clarity of making decisions. The Seminars are very well premeditated to instil fabulous enthusiasm, dynamism and strength into the attendees to help them grow professionally and personally.

An ordinary man with extra ordinary desires, Mr. Sameer Shaikh founded Dreamz Group with various domains of business under its belt in the early 2000. As Managing Director of Dreamz Group, he always has the passion to help others to achieve their personal and professional goals. Initially started as Corporate Trainer in Lucknow, he encourages his team members to perform outstanding in their respective department. He has been a part of many seminars and presented himself as a Keynote Speaker in Lucknow. Later, he developed his passion of becoming a Motivational Speaker comes into the reality with Confidence Multiplier Academy.

Understand the purpose of CMA

Confidence Multiplier Academy shows utmost responsibility to let you understand the basics of following aspects of life to bring out the best in you.
• Learn the art to lead a successful life.
• To be comfortable in your own skin.
• Gain Motivation to perform best in your life.
• Present yourself confidently.
• To set up your professional and personal goal of life.

What can you get by joining hands with us?

Confidence Multiplier Academy strives to deliver something that people lack for making their life successful. When you join hands with CMA, you are eligible to gain following:
• Definition of life.
• Goal setting.
• Reprogramming of mind.
• Dealing with failures.
• Skills for living a successful life.

Who are invited to attend our seminars?

Our seminars are open for all those who want to be a Champion in Life which basically includes but not limited to:
• Sales Managers                        • Businessmen
• Start-Up Enthusiasts                 • Entrepreneurs
• Self Employed                           • Creative Thinkers
• Business Women                      • Professionals
• Corporate Officials                    • Engineers
• Marketing Officials                    • Students
• Business Owners                     • Doctors
• Government Officials                • Housewives
• Biz. Development Officers        • Writers